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I have been practicing spirituality for all my life. After finishing reading and understanding the Bhagavad Gita, I realized that my place in this world was to teach the path of yoga. My class is geared toward students who are new to yoga, who are practicing yoga, who would like to focus more on breath, stretching, alignment, and to find their spiritual inner self.
Sandy Sooknanan Kriz
Yoga Instructor
Kishna Foundations

The Kishna Foundation is a humanitarian organization working in Guyana, South America. The Kishna Foundation will provide wholesome food, nutritional education, basic clothing, housing repair assistance, minor medical guidance, and over-the-counter medicines to those in need.

Website : www.kishnafoundation.org

Sandy Kriz
Born and raised in a hindu family with very strong spiritual practices with great influence from my grandparents Kishna and Nanan Sooknanan. My Grandmother left Gonda, India in 1.... 
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Shelley Koundinyasana
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